Meet the Staff



My name is Theo Puccini and I enjoy long walks on the beach….and grooming your dog! I am also the owner. I am very pleased to finally be open for business at this great location with such qualified people and a great future ahead. Let the games begin!



As promised, we here at Poochini Pet Grooming are continuing to introduce you to our great staff. Next up on our roster is Marissa Wilson. Not only can she make your dog come home looking “red-carpet” ready….if you have a furry feline that needs some attention, Marissa is your girl!!! If you are thinkin’, “You’ve CAT to be KITTEN me?!?!” We are not….she is the cat’s meow!! We think she is PURRRFECT, dog-on-it!!!



With his patience and ability to work with all breeds of animals, Noah is an excellent addition to Poochini Pet grooming. Upon entering our kennel-free facility and meeting Noah, with his calm demeanor, you will be able to rest at ease, knowing your furry friend will have a positive grooming experience and a lifetime relationship with Noah as his groomer. Come see for yourself why we believe Noah could be a perfect match for you and your pet. He can be your pet’s lifetime friend and groomer.



Word’s out at the Dog Park, Poochini Pet Grooming is the place to be!!! We are happy to announce the newest addition to our Poochini family, groomer, Jessica Sims. With her gentle, calming….yet confident spirit, even the skittish of our furry friends will feel at ease upon meeting Jessica. She brings with her, certification of grooming school and hours of successful training under the best grooming leadership in the industry. Book an appointment for your pet today, come see why Jessica’s clients leave Poochini Pet Grooming with their tails wagging and are already looking forward to their next visit.
Have a furry feline??? Jessica’s PERRR-FECT for the job! She grooms cats too!
Jessica’s here….and we are DOGONE happy to share her with you. See you at Poochini Pet Grooming soon.



What did Poochini Pet Grooming need to make our shop even more warm, sunny and bright?? A Phoenix transplant, of course!!!! Meet Ashley, our groomer who will warm your heart as soon as you meet her, because you know your pet is going to have a grooming experience that will make it want to come back to see her time and time again. We are so glad she has chosen Albuquerque as her new home. We are happy to have her with us, and know you will feel the same. Book an appointment soon. She may be new to Albuquerque, but she has brought all of her experience with her. Appointments are filling up fast!!


It’s all about teamwork, here at Poochini Pet Grooming! While you may have chosen your favorite groomer, know that Sydney plays an important role of making sure the shop stays clean and shiny during your furry friend’s Spa Day.Her eager attitude and willingness to get the job done right is one of the reasons you will find the atmosphere Poochini Pet Grooming to be unlike any you have ever experienced before. Come see the difference she makes!