Poochini Pet Salon of Albuquerque is a premier grooming experience for your fuzzy friend. Theo Puccini artfully primps your pooch into tip top shape. Theo has been accredited and has many years experience mastering the techniques necessary to serve all breeds of dogs. Call today and find out what Theo can do for you and your pup!


A Word From Theo…

16 years ago, I set out to fulfill an inner calling. I embraced my love for dogs and decided it was time to pursue grooming as trade, and begin a career doing what I love.  My technique was first developed under the supervisory and teachings of several certified master groomers at a grooming school in Colorado Springs, CO. It was there I learned the importance of being receptive to the feelings of each dog. I was taught the importance of humane, safe handling of each animal, and how these practices yield the best results for all parties involved. I continue to strive to make each grooming a happy and healthy experience for each and every dog.

Upon returning to Albuquerque, I threw myself into soaking up all aspects of the grooming business. I was fortunate enough to work under an incredibly skilled and experienced master groomer, who was willing to teach me the ins and outs of the day to day operations of a grooming business. This experience taught me how to meld together the techniques for grooming and safety I learned in school, with the drive to provide the best customer and pet relations possible. I view pets as a member of the family, and understand your desire to have them treated with the utmost safety, professionalism, and respect.

Recently, I decided it was finally time to branch out on my own. I have been working hard to create the shop I have always envisioned. My mission is to employ and work alongside like-minded groomers, who share my values and contribute to making pet grooming a true artistic trade. I believe we should serve our clients in such a way that keeps them coming back time and time again. I feel trust and safety are our top priorities and I want customers to leave the shop with a clean, healthy, and beautiful pet.