General Info

Things that can be done at home to help your pet understand the grooming process.

The First Groom

The first professional groom for a puppy should be as soon as all of the required shots have been received. When the puppy is started on a regular grooming schedule it is easier for them to adapt and settle in to the grooming experience. When you have a new puppy teach them as soon as possible by introducing them to brushes and combs. At first it’s all about introduction, show your fuzzy friend the brush, show them that it will not hurt them. Gently use the brush in a motion of brushing them without pressure, giving plenty of praise through this process, they just need to understand that the brush is not going to hurt them, also understanding that the brush is not a toy and that they need to be still during the excercise. The first few times of this introduction, actual brushing is not necessary, just going through the motions for the puppy is good practice for longer sessions of brushing and  for future grooming. This process also works when brushing their teeth which should be done on a regular basis. Healthy gums, healthy dog. This can also prevent expensive vet bills for oral health in the future. Also with puppies, teach them (outside of playtime) that it is ok if someone holds their paw or tail being gentle of course. When holding the paw touch each one of the nails so they know this is okay, this will help in the nail trimming process and also prevent injury. Pet them gently on the muzzle to teach them that it is ok when a person’s hand is close to their face. Plus, they like having their nose scratched. Doing these exercises on a regular basis will teach the pet that it is ok to be handled and will greatly reduce the stress from grooming and also reduce the risk of injury during grooming. In the process of helping your pet understand some of the basics of grooming your pet will be happy with the attention and love given to them. Our pets are family and deserve to be happy and healthy.

Picking Your Salon

Picking a compatible salon for your pup is such a critical and important part of establishing a lifelong relationship between a groomer and your dog. Here at Poochini Pet Salon, we encourage you to feel free to come and see our facility, meet our groomers, and get a general feel of what your dog’s experience will be like. Whether you decide to go with Pochini Pet Salon or not, we encourage you to look for the following when touring a Pet Salon.

  1. Stop in at a salon of choice. If anything makes you feel less than confident about bringing your dog there, it is not the salon for you.
  2. Smell the place. It should smell fresh and look hygienic.
  3. Observe the groomers working with the dogs. Is the groomer at ease with the animal, and vice versa?
  4. Talk with the groomers. Are they friendly, knowledgeable, happy to answer any questions you may have?

If you leave the salon feeling at ease and fully informed, it is highly probable you have found the right place for you and your dog.